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    I-1B pump concentration
    The thick slurry pumps single rod thick slurry screw pump (also known as screw) system is designed by ourselves in our country a new, advanced pump, its remarkable characteristic is simple structure, smooth, easy operation, and can be used anywhere. Adapt to the special transport high viscosity media, especially in the chemical plant, brewing factory, food factory, paper mill, canning factory, pharmaceutical factories, breweries, such as the widely used. Based on this, a thick slurry pump has been the industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units in general requisition, the effect is good.
    Working principle
    When the motor drives the pump shaft to rotate, the screw rotates on its axis in one hand. On the other hand, it rolls along the inner surface of the bushing. Screw every turn a week, sealing the liquid in the cavity to move forward a pitch. With the continuous drive of the screw, the liquid is in a spiral way from a sealed chamber to another seal cavity, and the end of the pump body.
    Consists of four parts of the motor, coupling, pump and valve composition (see photo) equipped with power the Y series three-phase asynchronous motor (Level 6), coupling the pump with claw type flexible coupling. Concentrated screw pump composed of a pump shell, a hollow shaft, joint Wan Xiangjiao, around the shaft, screw and bushing and shaft seal device and a material outlet, the section of the screw is circular, a lining section is elliptical. The surface is double helix surface.
    Operation mode
    1 prepare necessary wrench and tools.
    2 check base, bearing and oil chamber without lubricating oil.
    3 check that the hollow shaft and its seal are proper, not to press the packing gland too tight, the drip leakage is allowed.
    . turn the coupling with hand or pipe wrench, pay attention to pump body has no clash of foreign matters and card dead phenomenon, if should remove them before driving.
    5 the liquid will be filled with the pump cavity, not friction operation, so as to avoid damage to the bush.
    6 full open valve.
    7 driving motor.
    1 close the suction pipe valve.
    2 off drain valve.
    3 stop motor.
    4 when the pump is in a long period of time to stop working, should be the sand cavity material liquid, and water or steam washing.
    1 regular check the pump and motor bearing temperature rise, the maximum temperature should not exceed 75.
    2 and into the supplementary lubrication oil, to ensure good lubrication of bearings.
    3 operation process, such as the discovery of abnormal noise or excessive vibration should immediately stop check, troubleshooting.
    4 when the flow is significantly reduced, the rubber bushing has been worn, should be replaced after the new bushing
    I-IB series pump main features:
    High concentration and high viscosity of the 10000PaS and suspended slurry containing particles.
    The flow of the fluid is steady, no flow, pulsation and stirring, and the phenomenon of shear fluid.
    The discharge pressure and the speed has nothing to do with the low flow can also maintain high discharge pressure.
    The flow is proportional to the speed, or speed motor through the transmission mechanism can realize flow control.
    The self absorption ability strong, without bottom valve can be directly sucked liquid.
    The pump can be reversed, liquid flow to change by the rotating direction of pump, suitable for pipeline to reverse forward flushing occasions.
    The smooth running, low noise, vibration.
    It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and repair.

    Model number Import and export(mm) Lift
    Working pressure
    Motor power
    Theoretical flow
    0.6 1.2
    I-1B1寸 25 50 5 1.1 2.39 1.5 2 960
    100 10 2.2
    I-1B1.5寸 40 80 8 2.2 5.2 3.2 3 960
    120 12 3
    I-1B2寸 50 80 8 3 8.85 5.6 3 960
    120 12 5.5
    I-1B2.5寸 65 60 6 3 10.6 6.5 3 960
    120 12 7.5
    I-1B3寸 75 60 6 7.5 18.1 12 3 960
    120 12 11
    I-1B4寸 100 60 6 7.5 24 16 3 960
    I-1B5寸 125 60 6 11 36 25 3 960
    I-1B6寸 150 60 6 15 38 30 3 960

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